Your First Contact Lenses: What Should You Expect?

Living in Burnaby? Decided to get contact lenses? Here are some guidelines as to what you should expect.

Visit Your Optician

Your Burnaby optician will want to go through your case history, so come prepared and bring a pair of your current glasses. You will be asked about your lifestyle and then you will undergo a general eye sight test. If you are under twenty-one or a first-time wearer, your optician may prescribe daily-disposables. These are also suitable for hectic lifestyles. Your optician will teach you how to put in the lenses and how to take them out. It will obviously take time to get comfortable with them.




Wearing contact lenses is accompanied with hygiene habits. Your Burnaby optician will carefully instruct you on the best procedures.

•       Before inserting or removing your contact lenses, remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
•       Use a solution to keep your contact lenses sterilized.
•       Contact with tap-water can cause contact lenses to swell and cause discomfort or infections.
•       Never re-use your solution.
•       If you are applying make-up do so after you insert your lenses and refrain from using water-proof cosmetics.
•       It’s not recommended that you sleep with your contacts in. If you do so by mistake don’t try to take them out immediately the next morning.


If your contact lenses are causing you discomfort, take them out. If you are experiencing irritation, it is probably best to get them checked. Make sure that the lenses are not broken or scratched. The last thing you want is that your contacts lenses cause damage to your eyes. Never panic. If you have issues, contact your Burnaby optician.

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