Why Do Different Glasses Suit Different People?

Working in an optical store in Burnaby, you become familiar with the rituals that people go through when choosing glasses. Glasses are something you live with. Naturally, you need to be comfortably with them. But why do different glasses suit different people? There are many reasons, but one thing to consider is the shape of a person’s face.


You probably don’t give much daily thought to the shape of your face. But when you stand in front of a mirror and try on a pair of glasses, you instinctively know if they’re right for you or wrong for you. As a rule, someone with broadly angular features should avoid square or geometric frames. If you have soft curves on the other hand, these same geometric designs will be more expressive and less distracting.

Think of it this way. Try to add something that isn’t there already, rather than replicating your most striking features.

If your face is narrow or oblong in shape, broader glasses with taller frames often feel more natural. They compliment your face, preventing it from looking unnaturally long. For those with a round shaped face, rectangular and horizontal shapes are often effective while small round frames can seem awkward. If your face is diamond shaped, stylists often recommend oval glasses and rimless designs to nicely highlight your jaw line.

Working in an optical store in Burnaby, you try to assist people as best you can to find glasses that make them feel comfortable and above all, natural. Midgate Opticians is an optical store in Burnaby, committed to making you look and feel the best in your stylish prescription glasses.

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