Things You May Not Know about Contact Lenses

Since we opened our doors in the mid 1980s, we’ve been supplying contact lenses in Burnaby, B.C. We’re always ready to answer your queries. Here are some of your most common questions.

How Is a Contact Lens Held In Place?


The transparent outer section of your eye is called the cornea. It lies over the iris and pupil. Contact lenses are designed in such a way as to rest upon the cornea, kept in place by tear film and pressure from your eyelids. Every time you blink, the lens shifts gently and allows tear lubrication to occur.

How Does a Contact Lens Work?

Combining with the natural optics, a contact lens becomes in effect the outer element of the eye; the initial layer through which light passes. In effect it corrects the optics of the biological lens, adjusting images into focus which otherwise would be blurry.

What is the Cause of Far-Sightedness?

This is known as hypermetropia. It can occur if your eyeball is irregularly short from front to back or if the cornea does not have the right curvature. Our contact lenses in Burnaby can alleviate most types of hypermetropia, myopia, astigmatism as well as reading problems

What is Overwear?

Although contact lenses are continually advancing to become more comfortable and dynamic, it is still recommended that you alternate to your eyeglasses occasionally. At least once a week. Overwear can lead to discomforts such as dryness, burning eyes and blurry vision. Consult your eye doctor on best practices as aggravation can lead to infections.

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