The Style That Has Remained Even After Decades

We have seen style come and go with the change in season and trend. Sunglasses have also seen the evolution of design through the hands of many creators and designers.

Although sunglasses initially started off as a protective device against the sun’s harmful rays, has converted completely into an aesthetic accessory around the world. Brands from around the world are experimenting with the choices of the consumers’, indicative with the popularity in demand.

What makes Ray ban’s Aviator and Wayfarer desirable?

Style is what you make of it and its concept will always differ from one person to the next. A lot of people would agree that the most popular style of sunglasses that has ever groomed the faces on this earth would be the Aviator and Wayfarer (both manufactured by the good old Ray Ban).

The reason that Ray Ban Aviator got initiated in the first place was during the 1920’s when pilots were introduced to faster and more advanced planes. This caused problems to the pilot as the velocity brought about by the new planes in the sky was proving to be a challenge. These sunglasses were created for aviation personnel in order to reduce the headaches and nausea experienced by them.

The Aviator was followed by another popular style. Ray-Ban created a style that became classic and iconic- the Wayfarer that was designed with plastic frames. This style shot to popularity with the Hollywood personalities donning it on television and magazines.

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