Optical Awareness: Why Do Some People Need to Wear Glasses?

At our optical store in Burnaby we serve the needs of a wide range of customers, some with serious vision impairments, others with very marginal ones. The decline in people’s capacity to see the world can often be distressing. That’s why it’s important to take the necessary corrective action.


Common Symptoms

Do you have trouble focusing or keeping up your concentration when you read? Do you experience eyestrain or headaches? It may be time to visit your optical store in Burnaby and get an eye sight test. There are three main conditions which prescribe the wearing of glasses. All of them are linked to genetic factors.

Types of Vision Impairment

The first is myopia (better known as nearsightedness). People with this condition find it difficult to make out objects in the distance. The reverse of this is hyperopia (or far sightedness) where objects in the foreground become difficult to focus on. The third condition is presbyopia and occurs with age. As people get older, changes occur in the eye affecting its shape and consequently its range of vision. The ability to see things which are far away may improve fractionally while the ability to see things at close range may decline.

Getting Your Eyes Tested

If you think you need reading glasses, don’t put off getting your eyes checked. Your optical store in Burnaby will quickly assess your requirements. Glasses are not something to fear. Think of them as a stylish accessory. Before long they’ll be a natural part of your lifestyle and personality.

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