How to Take Proper Care for your Contact Lenses

Wearing eye glasses can be taunting as it can prove to be quite uncomfortable especially during extreme climatic temperatures. There is also a disadvantage in wearing them as the visual resolution isn’t framed to focus on every angels of your sight. Due to such drawbacks associated with wearing eye glasses you may want to switch to wearing contact lenses. To make the transition you will have to visit an optician who will get the tests done on your eyes and prescribe the contact lenses required to correct your visual defects.

At Burnaby optical store, they provide the services of a licensed Optician who has experience in fitting soft contact lenses for astigmatism and multifocal contact lenses for presbiopia.

Things to do after you get the Contact lenses

There are certain things to follow in order to care for your contacts;

1. Always take off your contacts while sleeping.
2. During your eye sight test, the doctor will allot the recommended number of days you will be required to wear them until you have to dispose the lenses. Follow the allotted time precisely.
3. While wearing and removing the contacts be sure to keep your hands clean and dry.
4. If the contact lenses cause irritation to your eye, remove them and visit your Optician.
5. Cleaning should be done only with the solution that your doctor had prescribed.
6. It is recommended that you visit the optician while using the contact lenses and you will be informed on the dos and don’ts of wearing contacts.

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