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Eyeglasses have been known to the civilization long before. Turning the pages of history might unfold several names who wore it in different ways. With the changing time, the variety of eyeglasses has also improved.

Now there are unlimited options that not only protect your eyes but also retain your ‘cool look’.


Single lens Glasses for Elders

Optical eyeglass was originally composed of one lens which appears same as our present magnifier. It does not come in its latest shape that we see with two lenses fixed in a frame. It was initially used or observing the things in its larger sizes. Now these single lens glasses are only used by elders who are dealing with Presbyopia problem.

Photo-grey glasses for Riders

These are very helpful for drivers while crossing through passes with different lights. Sometimes they have to drive into the dark tunnel or to face strong light. These are helpful as photo-grey glasses adapt to varying circumstances. It seems like any other ordinary glasses but it turns black while encountering strong light.

Crystal Eyeglasses for Spectacle Wearers

These may cost you a few extra bucks but these are worth-paying for. Lenses made from crystals bring the wearers a cool sensation as they have the feature to absorb UV and infrared ray, which in turn get them less sunshine.

Goggles for Adventurers

They are special eye wears which are designed for sport participators. Popular among skiers and extreme athletes, they come up with features like cracking strip and anti-fogging. It helps to protect the wearer in a better way.

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