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What Makes Ray Ban Aviator Iconic?

Ray Ban Aviator is a style statement. It inspires and allures the best of stylists and fashion freaks across the globe. It is one of the most popular sunglasses that have been tweaked and remodeled over the decades to remain in contemporary fashion. It is said that people who love to wear Aviator do not feel the comfort in any other sunglasses whether its Emporio Armani or Ralph Lauren. You can find Ray Ban sunglasses in Midgate Optical Store in Burnaby.

The Beginnings


What began as a design and model for the U.S. military fighter pilots soon got recognition as a fashion accessory. It became a style symbol for many models, actors and other celebrities across the globe. Aviator was popularized in films such as Top Gun, Cobra, To Live and Die in L.A. and several other movies. Ray-Ban is a very popular sunglass that has been gaining momentum in the mainstream fashion market.

Iconic Style

The timeless convex look of the sunglasses and the design that is especially made to cover the eyes of the fighter pilots completely while flying has remained in style. Today, the classic look has become a style icon and people prefer aviator over other glasses. One can recognize an aviator with the teardrop-shaped lenses that gives them a chic and classic appeal. Most celebrities, rock stars and armed forces continue to show their love for these sunglasses by sporting them over and over again.

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